Thursday, April 15, 2010


Franquin is a Belgian comic artist (1924 – 1997).
"The last, and most radical, shift in Franquin's production happened in 1977, when he went through another nervous breakdown and began his Idées Noires strip (lit. "Dark Thoughts". With Idées Noires, Franquin showed the darker, pessimistic side of his nature." - Idées Noires is a masterpiece. All in black and white, it is a perfect blend of dark, morbid humor and precise drawings. Delightful.

(I shared two pages that didn't have any written part so you don't need to read French to appreciate :)

I wanted to start introducing the man. Buck 65 is probably my favorite Hip-Hop artist out there. Weird, non conventional, experimentalist, avant gardiste, this guy has a lot to give. This song is from his last album "Situation" [2007] which is slightly different from what he's done in the past. Probably more easy-listening and less weirdo bu still solid.
This video is also pretty cool. I'll share some more sometimes ;)

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