Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I stumbled upon this unique DJ and musician while wandering the endless streets of the blogosphere megalopolis.
This compilation is the best introduction you can get to this crazy sound seeker. Travelling the worlds for unique tunes that he mashes up, overlays with instrumentions and guest appearances.
Brilliant shit.
Read up if you like him.

Quantic by PYITE-1


  1. Good quality mp3s implies bigger size for the file.
    worth it

  2. stumbled upon, endless streets, crazy sound seeker, mash up, overlays.....
    Dude, you are a brilliant shit. Love you and your music tastes.

  3. Nate, this name sounds familiar.
    Have we met ?
    If not we should.
    I already love your humor.

    Go use a QTip before you listen to this, si tu veux que ca chatouille