Monday, March 15, 2010

Fleetwood Mac

(the last time I tried the link it said that it was currently unavailable. It will work at some point so keep trying)
I've been introduced to Fleetwood Mac listening to the album Rumours [1977]. I liked it for its catchy songs (I used to listen to this album while driving with my Dad on a trip to the West Coast) and its pop oriented side.
This was before I knew the band used to have a totally different sound back in the late sixties.
Fleetwood Mac went through different eras, mainly due to its different lineup.
My favorite will stay the earliest one, from 1967 to 1970, due to Peter Green's touch.
Peter Green stays one of those guitarists whose had their own sound - I believe.

Here is one of Green's most famous song, delightful ballad:

By the way, I truly hate "Best Of" but I thought that would be the best way to introduce the Fleetwood Mac I love =)

Here is a song from the album Rumours [1977], just to show how mainstream they went (which doesn't mean I don't like this album!):


  1. Canaille, tu t'attaque au Fleetwood mac maintenant ?

    Bon, Go your own way c'est de loin le truc le plus "classique" et connu de ton blog, ça m'étonne presque venant de toi...Ecoute "I'm so afraid",en live de preférence, ça pourrait te plaire

    A bientot mon bijou


  2. haha tkt pas je voulais juste montrer que fleetwood mac a eu ses periodes ;)
    effectivement Im so afraid good song !

    more to come canaillasse