Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wishbone Ash - Argus

I have listened this album over thousand times - literally -
I love this album, I love every part of it. Wishbone Ash is a British rock/blues band from the 70's.
Wish Bone Ash were unique among the early British progressive-rock bands because of the twin guitar attack by Andy Powell and Ted Turner. THis album is their third to date, and mainly considered as their best.
The cover (designed by Hipgnosys) gives the album a true identity. The album has to be listened as one piece. There is an atmosphere and a real coherence throughout the album. The album is a succession of melodic songs all folk influenced. I particularly love "Sometime World", and I will quote a reviewer who perfectly described it for me:

“Sometime World,” a simply beautiful song that contains some of the nicest melodies and guitar solos in ‘70s rock. Again, it starts of on a calm note, with a fluent key motif, before reaching a climax after two and a half minutes and then launching into a fantastic section containing a melodic bass solo, vocal harmonies and some of the most majestic solos Turner and Powell (or anyone else, for that matter) ever laid down, several minutes of sheer brilliance. - Guy's Music Review Site

In the end, this is a short album - only 7 songs - that you can listen over and over and never getting over it.
Note that the album comes with 3 bonus tracks recorded live in Memphis which was recorded around the release date of the album. The 17minutes version of "Phoenix" reminds us that Ted Turner and Andy Powell are among the best guitarists of this era.

A masterpiece that you have to listen to either you like British 70's rock or not. To me, this album is as important as any Led Zeppelin album.

Leaf And Stream

- I met a man who felt the same way,
That the world had passed him by.
Told me all his troubles,
That the world had made him cry - (Sometime World)


  1. "Argus" is in fact the third Wishbone Ash release - "Pilgrimage" was their second album.