Tuesday, September 21, 2010

KCRW Sounds Eclectico

From now on, Im gonna try to keep a certain eclecticism on here. I don't want to share only a few specific genres which is the reason why I also might upload some compilations. Here is the first one.
If I remember, I think I actually got a five finger discount on this album a few years back just picking it for its cover [which I do a lot and which is not a bad thing, you would be amazed to find the most random and amazing stuff like this].
Anyway, cool album which is basically some latin tunes
compiled by the Los Angeles-based station KCRW. However the whole album is really eclectic, going from electronic to acoustic.
If anything, this collection shows how rooted this music is in it’s acoustic, unplugged traditions, and how revolutionary it can be in its electronic expansions to other musical forms. --Eugene Holley, Jr.
The opening track is pretty damn good. Definitely recommended.

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